March-May 2018
Deliverables: journal-box, instructions, challenge cards, journal pages, and plastic sleeves
Souvenirs are objects people place value and meaning in, as a marker of covering new territory. Although there is backlash around the subject of placing value in objects, it is inevitable to reminiscence on an event while looking at an object you left with. In the immediate moments after an event, memories begin to slowly alter and dissipate. They become fickle fragments in our minds until those now contaminated memories are sparked by something such as an object. We often associate memories with objects, causing their meanings to intensify in importance. However, memories are not reliable. Therefore, The Ultimate Souvenir is the solution to trigger those memories. The journal-box’s dual design allows for the combination of both memories and objects in a singular place. If the user is on foot and needs a lighter backpack, the lid holding the journal snaps off to become a separate object. By removing the screws, the pages of the journal can be rearranged, which allows the user to add photos, missed days, or simply more days to the journal. On return from travel, the user will have the ultimate souvenir comprised of objects, memories, and a creative practice to experiment with further.