Set Stone Class:
Have a pretty shell you picked up on the beach or a coin you brought back from abroad? Or do you just want to learn how to set stones? In this class you will learn the basics to stone setting, plus how to saw, sand, file, solder, polish and patina. Bring a stone from home or choose from my collection (let's talk about this prior) as we design a piece of jewelry around our stone. 
Where/What: Come to my studio to create your own set stone piece
Cost: Bracelet/Anklet: $225, Necklace: $225, Earrings: $275, Ring: $200
Size: 2+ people
Length: 3-4 hours
Appointments: Message me to set up a workshop or ask any questions!
Add Ons: You can pierce a shape out of the back of the metal to reveal a hidden image or letter (for an additional $50 for instruction and time) 
Pictured: example of a set coin necklace with a pieced blank back to see the backside of the coin. 
Pictured: example of a set stone necklace with a pierced image out of the back.
Pictured: example of a set stone ring.
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