Enameled Copper
October 2017
H: 4.5 in, W: 2 in, D: 0.5 in 
Poland Cage: Udręka is a part of the enameled X-periences series. Each piece represents a different country I visited while studying abroad in Fall 2016. This brooch embodies the essence of the austere, eerie, and confined presence that I experienced at Auschwitz in Poland. This gives the brooch part of its name: Udręka (Polish for torment and sorrow). A stone from the women’s barracks at Auschwitz-Birkenau is caged within the piece. The pin back is able to rotate around to make a kick stand for the enameled piece, further pushing this theme of imprisonment with the pierced cell like structure. This also adds versatility to its uses, allowing the pin back to become an object with different orientations.