Silver-plated Nickel
March 2018
Infuser H: 2.5 in, W: 2 in, D: 0.5 in
Spoon H: 5.5 in, W: 1.25 in, D: 1.25 in
Leaf-in is a tea infuser for tea bags and a spoon for sugar made of metal. They are intended to comment on our fast-pace, daily lives by elevating two mundane and often overlooked objects. Throughout history, time was reserved for family or friends to gather and enjoy the act of drinking tea while Buddhists use tea to stay awake during meditation since it releases a “wakeful tranquility.” In contrast, the relentless hustle of contemporary American life produces an immense amount of waste. Along with this waste comes pollution and unsustainable practices and habits. As many things, eating and tea drinking have become effortless and mobile with the invention of plastic cutlery and tea bags, which accounts for 65% of tea in America.
I use tea bags daily, therefore, this project was inspired by conditions in my own life. I have been missing out on the ancient and valuable qualities of the tea experience. I often get lost in the rush to enjoy the practice of being fully present. Being receptive enough to notice one’s actions and surroundings is an important component to creating amazing and memorable experiences. Leaf-in’s objective is to increase attention and initiate intention, beginning with the morning routine of drinking tea. Leaf-in’s material and design attempts to decrease accidental waste with an internal razor for the tag and string, while returning the elegance and thoughtful reflection, which the tea process should evoke, with the packaging and branding.

Process Video

As products are mass-produced, losing their individuality, process begins to lose meaning. This spoon and tea infuser are one-of-a-kind metal pieces (even the laser cut objects have handmade qualities to them through the process of assembling). Therefore, documentation extends the user’s appreciation of the object by knowing the extent of thought and effort put in to its formulation and creation: definitely blood, a ton of sweat, and I'm sure a tear or two.
See the extension of Leaf-in here.
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