Enameled Copper, Nickel, Stone, Seed, and Coin
November 2017
H: 3 in, W: 3 in, D: 0.5 in
This pendant represents my time in England in my enameled country series, each piece representing a different country I visited while studying abroad in Fall 2016. The form, a domed and pierced triangle, represents a time of change and development in my life. It is filled with "memories," like a locket, associated with a stone, seed, and a 20 pence coin, all set within the nickel triangle and visible from both sides. The pierced triangle is copper with transparent enamel over-fired to reveal an iridescent green hue around the edges. The two triangles are held together with prongs, allowing the sides to shift (since change is inevitable) but not come apart, "locking" those memories and experiences in place, near my heart.