April-May 2018
Deliverables: posts to Instagram @designimprov, participation cards, and book
Collaboration with Dace Barefoot, Alex Carroll, and Wey Hall artists and designers who participated.
The line between art and design seemed to distinct since these terms are fluid. Google defines design as "the art or skill combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books." We figured we could apply this to art.

Inspired by improv we chose Instagram to begin our collaboration, posting in response to the post before ours.
Beginning with our first post, we all chose a topic to align our posts to a general subject, mine being travel.
Interactive Book
This "book" is comprised of all the Instagram posts, as well as responses received from other artists and designers. We wanted to show the culmination of art and design through this book and bring a space for both artists and designers to interact. This book is a gift to the Art Department Office. It features plenty of blank pages for others to contribute (and... it's refillable).